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The Sun is Our FriendNatural Pure Body Care Logo Our Purpose is to Help People Who Want to Make Healthier Choices About Their Everyday Personal Care Products

Therefore, You Will Find A Wealth of Great Articles Here, That Are Revealing, Informative and Enlightening

You will also enjoy easy access to some of the best healthy and organic alternatives for every day products. For example, organic products such as, soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, deodorants, perfumes/colognes, cosmetics and dietary supplements that are FREE OF: parabens, pesticides, phthalates, GMO’s, dyes, PEG’s, TEA, sulfates, silicones, ‘fragrance’ and other illness causing chemicals.

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Our Recent Articles

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  • Sculpture Lovers Embrace

Natural Safe Lubricants For Your Loving Liasons

Let’s talk about… Intimacy, whoopee, rumpy pumpy, hanky panky, lovemaking, nookie, havin’ a romp, or, for fans of the Big Bang – coitus. Regardless of the way we choose to [...]

  • Fluoride in Pesticides
  • Flluoride Off Gas from Teflon

Water Fluoridation – Drugging The Public-Part 2

Part two of Water Fluoridation - Drugging The Public. It is no secret to our Subscribed Readers, that we at Natural Pure Body Care would like to see the "True [...]

  • water fluoridation
  • Fluoride in Toothpaste

Water Fluoridation – Drugging The Public-Part One

Many Scientists Oppose Fluoridation There is good science behind the opposition to water fluoridation. There is also good science behind the consumer demand for fluoride free toothpaste. The opposition to [...]

  • What is in your Drinking Water?
  • Clean Water

Drinking Water Part 2

This article is Part 2 of our 2 part series titled Drinking Water - What Is That Glass Half Full Of?  In this second installment, we will take a look [...]

  • Drinking Water
  • Pure Drinking Water

Drinking Water – What Is That Glass Half Full Of?

This article deals with our drinking water, drinking water contaminants, chemicals used in water treatment facilities and why filtering your drinking water is a very ... very good idea. This [...]

  • Purified Water
  • Drink Fluoride Free Water

Berkey Water Purification Systems

Our Number One Choice! We at Natural Pure Body Care advocate for drinking tap water, provided that you have a good quality purification system. Additives such as fluoride, need to [...]

  • Sunrise over trees at lake edge
  • Mountain Sunrise

Sunlight, Friend Not Foe Part 3

Sunshine And Our Health Sunshine and our health - Part 3 - Welcome. This is the final installment of our 3 part series about sunshine, our skin and how sunshine [...]

  • sun-bathing
  • Grinning Sun

Sunlight, Friend Not Foe Part 2

Sunshine and our health - Part 2 - Welcome. This is part 2 of a 3 part series about sunshine, our skin and how sunshine plays an important role in [...]

  • The Sun is Our Friend

Sunlight – Lifegiving Friend Not Foe

Sunshine - Natural Health Benefits Sunshine and our health - Part 1 - Welcome. This is a 3 part series of articles about sunshine, our skin and how sunshine plays [...]

  • Abolish Blemishes and Acne

Home Remedies For Acne Treatment

Most of the acne home remedy strategies discussed in this article are simple,  cost free steps that you can do at home starting today. Whether you are dealing with back [...]

  • Breast Health

Oh Mammy! What We Need To Know For Healthy Breasts

I would like to start off by saying that it is an absolute MUST, for all of us women on the planet, to educate ourselves properly in breast health. As [...]

  • chemical-free-perfume-colognes

Perfume/Cologne Industry Exposed: No Sense In Wearing Chemical Scents

There are so many undeniably convincing reasons to choose pure, natural, clean, organic body perfumes.  Here are just some of them. The perfume industry has come under scrutiny in the [...]

  • kids-toothpaste
  • Healthy Kids Dental Health

Kids Dental Health And Fluoride

The backlash against the use of fluoride began as soon as authorities in the U.S. began using it to treat public water supplies.  The people in the late 1940’s and [...]

  • Healthy Teeth Naturally
  • An apple a day

Natural Holistic Dental Care – Eight Affordable Tips

Fewer Expensive Trips To The Dentist Trips to the dentist are very expensive, for people without a benefit plan, a trip to the dentist can be impossible. Poor oral health [...]

  • Easy Natural Skin Care Tips

Easy Natural Skin Care Tips

Simple Tips For Naturally Healthier Skin Avoid plastic shower poufs, sponges, and loofahs (unless you sanitize them regularly) as they tend to be breeding grounds for bacteria growth. Do not [...]

  • Confident Manly Pits
  • The proof is in the pits

Deodorant Ingredients – The Proof Is In The Pits

Why Choose a Natural Deodorant Free of Synthetic Chemicals? There is an average of 8-9 chemical ingredients on the labels of common brand name deodorants, per product.  (Some products have [...]

Our Featured Brands

Carina Organics



I have nothing but love for Carina Organics and their organic incredibly well crafted and effective skin and hair care products.

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Living Libations



Alert!  Positive effects of Living Libations body care products may include happiness, optimism, soft skin and hair, and enthusiasm.

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Juice Beauty



Once Upon A Time … Women, men, and children were feeling troubled. They had begun to realize that many of the soaps, cosmetics and lotions that they used every day contained unhealthy, synthetic chemical ingredients.

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RSVP Skin Care For Men



RSVP is a company created by men for men.  Their lineup of products is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance, dyes and DEA.

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Sovereign Laboratories



‘World’s Best Most Effective Colostrum’ Why do thousands of people all over the world take colostrum supplements?

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It is at the heart of SomaLife’s mission that people can maintain a healthful energetic joy for living through all life stages; and that people should not be taken from their lives prematurely because of preventable causes.

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