Berkey Water Purification Systems

//Berkey Water Purification Systems

Berkey Water Purification Systems

Our Number One Choice!

We at Natural Pure Body Care advocate for drinking tap water, provided that you have a good quality purification system. Additives such as fluoride, need to be purified from your tap water. You can read more about reasons to avoid fluoride in these articles. “Kids Dental Health and Fluoride” and “Natural Holistic Dental Care – Eight Affordable Tips“. There are also many other potentially harmful contaminants in most drinking water supplies that we feel need to be removed completely or drastically reduced!

This is why we are huge fans and absolutely support great purification systems that are able to reduce and eliminate the toxins, pathogenic bacterias, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, chlorine and of course, fluoride from your tap water!

Through research and personal experience, the purification system that comes out on top without question is the famous Berkey Water Filters.

Berkey Water Filters

They have a great variety of systems to fit the needs for your home. To give you an idea; I am in a household of 2 adults and two furry friends. We use purified water for drinking, dental hygiene and all of our cooking. If you have read my Bio, you will have noted that I am very passionate about food and do a lot of cooking! We use the Royal Berkey sized unit which we fill daily or sometimes one and a half times daily on occasion and find it to be perfect for our needs! The Black Berkey Filters have lasted well over a year and I have cleaned them twice as part of maintenance to be sure they are working at their optimal levels. The cleaning literally takes 15 minutes from start to finish. The Berkey Fluoride Water Filters – PF2’s we replace at around the year mark for 1,000 gallons of usage.

I would offer a suggestion from my own experience when you purchase, be sure to get the Sight Glass Spigot for your Berkey units (excluding the GO Berkey as they do not require a spigot). The Sight Glass Spigot allows you to easily see your water levels and know when adding water is necessary instead of having to check the reservoir each time! Also Berkey has come out with a Black Berkey Primer which looks like it will make priming the filters easier. I do not have a very large sink and I will definitely be getting this Primer. Please for any of you who have tried it, leave a comment at the bottom of the article with your review!

Berkey Water Filters Provide:

What we believe to be, the best gravity-fed (no electricity required) ‘point of use’ water filtration/purification system on the market today

Really Really Delicious Water

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Berkey Shower Filter, which reduces chlorine up to 95%

Berkey Sport Travel Bottle

Fluoride Filters Available

Efficiency and Economy – Each Black Berkey Filter Element purifies up to 11,350 litres/3000 gallons of Water

Portability – Can be moved easily where it is needed or convenient

Ease of Installation and Maintenance – Quick and simple to remove and clean the filter

Here is a great guide to help you in selecting the right sized Berkey for your needs.

 And if you are on the go, these GO Berkey Kits are GREAT!


Berkey’s Are Great For:

Your Home

Automobile Emergency Kits

The Cottage or Hunting Cabin

Backpacking / Hiking

Camping / RV’s

Your Gym / Sport Bag



Doing Errands Around Town

Berkey has some great savings available right now that you can check out here

Berkey Filters

 “Tread Gently Upon the Earth;  Never  Buy Another Disposable Bottle of Water Again!”

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  1. Dori Dubetz September 7, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Thanks Meghan! You are absolutely right about the Go Berkey being a great gift idea! The taste of the water from this system is just so pure, you really have to experience it for yourself. It is incredible just how delicious clean water tastes! Enjoy the system and the longevity that it provides! Cheers!

  2. Jaime Mattae September 5, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Hi there, thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Also, I agree with you, pure, uncontaminated water really does top the list of the BEST gifts for family and friends and yourself. We are made up of 75% water and our bodies can do absolute wonders at keeping us healthy with good pure daily hydration. I must also add, that once you taste the water from this system, you will never want to be without your good Berkey water ever again. Have a Great day!

  3. meghan September 2, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Go Berkey kit seems like the perfect gift for friends and family, thanks for this post. I appreciate your informed opinion, I’m adding this to my wish list 🙂

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