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Information and research that exposes the truth about the ingredients that are going into our personal care products to help assist us in making healthier choices.

Are Americans at Risk from Unhealthy Ingredients in Household Products?

Why should we seek out and choose healthier products? People all over the world are exposed to a myriad of chemical ingredients on a daily basis. Chemical cocktail in household products Harmful ingredients are found in personal care [...]

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Harmful Ingredients in Beauty, Cleaning and Personal Care Products

  ...Putting Canadians At Risk Toxic household products - a few examples Chemical Overload From Soaps, Makeup And More Governments are entrusted with the task of determining if chemical ingredients are safe to use in consumer products and [...]

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Preservatives, Additives and Other Chemicals Contribute to Illness

...Your Health and Cumulative Exposure   What is going into your body on a daily basis? The harmful effects of preservatives, additives and other harmful chemicals and ingredients does build up in the body and the effects begin to [...]

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