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There are thousands of chemicals in personal care products,

household products and other daily use products that we are exposed to each and every day. Many of those chemicals are synthetic (do not occur in nature), are petroleum based, or silicon based. Some of those chemicals are harmful to human health. Some of the chemicals cause pollution to soil, air and/or water by the process required for their manufacture, by their use and by their disposal. These factors lead to ecological degradation, which negatively affects other species. It is not possible to avoid chemical exposure in the world that we live in. It is however, entirely possible to lessen, limit and in some cases minimize some of the exposures that we have. This area of Natural Pure Body Care looks at the ways that we can minimize our exposure to the chemicals, which are present in many personal care products by making new, empowered and informed choices. Enjoy your visit and you are welcome to subscribe (Free) to Natural Pure Body Care and we will be happy to alert you via email when we have published new content.

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