Easy Natural Skin Care Tips

//Easy Natural Skin Care Tips

Easy Natural Skin Care Tips

Simple Tips For Naturally Healthier Skin

Avoid plastic shower poufs, sponges, and loofahs (unless you sanitize them regularly) as they tend to be breeding grounds for bacteria growth.

Do not use anti-bacterial soaps, which contain triclosan or triclocarbon.

dry-skin-brushes-for-healthInvest in a good dry skin brush.  This simple and quick practice before showering will exfoliate dead skin, improve lymphatic system function, improve circulation and feel great.  Start at feet, brush gently in small circles up each leg, then torso front and back, then each hand and arm.

Use soap, cleansing gels, cleansing milks, or cleansing lotions as long as they are free of the ‘bad actors’ in the left hand column.  In the right hand column, you will see that I have listed some ingredients that are very good for your skin.

The 'Yikes'The 'Likes'
1,4- DioxaneCoconut Butter
BHA/BHTHemp Seed Oil
CocamidopropylOlive Oil
DimetheconeShea Butter
Dyes/artificial colouringsVegetable Glycerin
ParabensVitamin E
PEG’s100% Pure Essential Oils
Perfumes/FragranceSeabuckthorn Oil
Petroleum By-products such as mineral oil, petrolatumJojoba Oil
Propylene Glycol
Sodium Laurel or Laureth Sulphate
UREAS – Such as Imidazolidinyl, DMDM hydantoin

Healthy Ingredients

Moisturize skin with oils, lotions, or creams avoiding the ‘yikes’

The 'Yikes'The 'Likes'
DMDM hydantoinJojoba Oil
FragranceAloe Vera Leaf Juice
LanolinPlant Extracts and Fruits High in Vitamins A, B5, C, E
Mineral oilCoconut Oil
Parabens100% Pure Essential Oils
PetrolatumAvocado Oil
PhthalatesRose Water
Polyethylene glycol (PEG’s) such as cetearethPlant Extracts
PolysorbatesPumpkin Seed Oil
Propylene glycolSeabuckthorn Berries
Retinyl Palmitate

Natural Ingredients

Put Some Of These In Your Grocery Cart For Healthier Skin

ApplesDark ChocolatePumpkin Seeds
ApricotsFlax SeedsSpinach
BeetsGreen TeaSweet Potatoes
CarrotsOlive OilWhole Grains – like Brown Rice, Quinoa
Cold Water Fish

Drink Water Every Day

Drink Water DailyThe amount of water that one should drink daily is a subject of debate.
According to the Mayo clinic, the amount of water that a person drinks per day is dependent upon several variables.  For example, gender, activity/exercise level, and climate.  They recommend 3 litres (approximately 12.5 – 8 ounce glasses per day) for the average man and 2.2 litres (approximately 9.5 – 8 ounce glasses per day) for the average woman.

There are other doctors and researchers weighing in on the debate, who say that there is no scientific evidence to support that recommendation.  However, I would counter that, perhaps there is limited evidence because there have not been enough well-constructed scientifically conducted studies done to address this question.   The recommendation of 8-12 glasses of water per day may be somewhat arbitrary; however, the question has not been adequately researched either way as of yet.

Therefore, in the meantime I will continue to aim for 8 glasses per day because I tend to feel better, more alert, clear headed and energetic when I drink between 5-8 glasses of water on an average day.  Additionally, I believe that a consistently well-hydrated body has healthy, plump skin cells, which are able to resist collapse, breakdown and wrinkles.

You may also bear in mind that according to the Mayo clinic, some of your daily water requirements (approximately 20%) can be met from other beverages (juice, milk, tea) and foods.   For example, fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, iceberg lettuce, radishes and many others, which are high in water content.

Final Tip: Reduce consumption of pop (soda) and other high sugar drinks and drink a glass of delicious water instead.

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