Oh Mammy! What We Need To Know For Healthy Breasts

//Oh Mammy! What We Need To Know For Healthy Breasts

Oh Mammy! What We Need To Know For Healthy Breasts

I would like to start off by saying that it is an absolute MUST, for all of us women on the planet, to educate ourselves properly in breast health.

As I was preparing to share this article with you all, I was doing some research on what kinds of web searches people are commonly doing around this topic, specifically keywords. As a side note, keyword research, allows a web based writer to learn which phrases are highly searched for on the search engines to help interested readers more easily find their articles. I really wanted to title this post with some really nice, positive, empowering words. What I discovered was quite alarming. Below is a screen shot of the very top and very bottom of my keyword search results.  The bottom 4 searches are the ones that I entered:

Healthy Breasts

This is when a shocking realization came to me. Look at these search results. They are Global and only for the month of May 2014. There are more searches being done after the disease has become a concern and zero searches being done to keep breasts healthy! Why are we waiting for something to happen before we take control? Because we thought we were doing the right thing to begin with!  Well, let’s start educating ourselves, friends, family and loved ones so that these search results are reversed!

Here are 2 must see videos with Nadine Artemis that are going to start you on your way.

The third related video in the series is not published yet. We will get it to you as soon as it becomes available.

Nadine has some really outstanding products that will start you on your way to healthy breasts as we are meant to have! Her essential oils are top notch and purest quality to begin regenerating breast cells, to heal and maintain breast health!

Get Nadine’s Breast Health Massage Oil and Learn More

Healthy Breasts Massage Oil

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