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Alert! Positive effects of Living Libations body care products may include happiness, optimism, soft skin and hair, and enthusiasm. Extended use may result in permanent cheerfulness, contentment, delight, fully nourished hair and skin, pleasure, inspiration, wonder and joy. Do not be troubled should you feel as though you are being draped in the sweet promise of early morning dew. You may also experience the sensation of being anointed by golden warm liquid sunshine; these feelings are not uncommon and pose no cause for concern. Do not be alarmed if you should suddenly feel moved to spontaneous poetic expressions. Please share Living Libations with people that you love, should you experience these, or any other glorious effects!

LeafIcon35x35Organic Body Care Inspired by Nature

Living Libations is just that; pure, living plant oils, herbal infusions and botanical extractions. These, then comprise the lotions, balms and serums that are an ‘offering’ of healthy care for your skin, hair and teeth.

Organic Wildcrafted Luxurious Body Care

Living Libations Body Ablutions

Living Libations is much more than a company who is formulating organic products for hair, skin and natural oral care. Living Libations is an inspired and inspirational vision, a vision of personal care products, which nurture body, mind and spirit.

The living botanical formulations are the creation of Nadine Artemis and, in partnership with her husband Ron Obadia; they create and provide one of the most exquisite lines of personal care products that exists. Their facility assures pure, freshness in all of their body care preparations. This duo is committed to creating and sharing natural, pure, organic personal care products with the world while loving, respecting and caring for our Earth.

Nadine and Ron use only the very highest quality of ingredients, which are organic, or wild crafted. There are absolutely no synthetics, chemical additives or harmful ingredients of any kind in their creations. Every ingredient that they include in their craft is an integral part of the natural alchemy and has a healing and nutritive purpose.

In addition, they diligently seek out the rare craftspeople in this world who are distilling essential oils in a fashion, which preserves their energies and therapeutic properties. These methods take longer and require more care however they produce far superior oils.

It bears repeating that there are no synthetic chemicals of any kind in any of Living Libations products, no chemical preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, or stabilizers. In the words of the company founders, Nadine and Ron:

“Let everything unessential, artificial, contrived, fall away, and allow the elements to revive your being.”

Living Libations receives a lot of love from a lot of people; here is a quote excerpt from actress Kristin Lehman.

“The fact that Living Libations uses and seeks out only ethically sourced oils and their uncompromising commitment to wild crafted and organic purity, means I feel Living Libations is a natural extension of my own ideals and hopes for my family and the planet. I’m never without them.” ~ Kristin Lehman, currently starring on televisions ‘Motive’.

Multipurpose Organic Body Care – Saves Time and Money

Multipurpose Products from Living LibationsOne of my favourite things about the Living Libations preparations is that many of the products are multipurpose. Here are some examples:


The Seabuckthorn BSE acts as a cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing product for face and body too. Nadine says if you are going to choose one product only, then the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever would be her recommendation

The Maverick face cream is also great as an aftershave

The Moccasin Flower Shimmer Lips can be used on lips, eyelids and cheeks for some lovely colour

The ‘Seabuckthorn Tamanu All Over’ Lotion is meant for face, hands and body

The Zen Shave Lotion is great for men and women and has a moisturizing effect

This multi-purpose advantage, combined with the ‘a little bit goes a long way’ nature of the products makes them economical and simplifies your daily body care routine.

Living Libations SUPERB collection of organic body care preparations includes:

Deodorants, (underarm charm) 🙂

A full regimen of oral care products

Shaving cream

Shampoo and conditioner

Eye creams and firming fluids

Body lotions, serums


Lip balms and glosses

Men’s Products

Face creams

Baby care balms and oils

Face tonics, masks and cellular regeneratives

Hand creams

Perfumes, colognes

Jet set travel kit

All Essential kits from Beauty to Birthing and so much more

Acne and blemish care

Sun kissed skin care

Pre-birth and post-birth serums

Bestselling Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever

Butters and lotions for life’s sensual pleasures, and much more

AND, CHOCOLATE for the healthy connoisseur … Must Try!

The Best Organic Essential Oils

Living Libations Essential OilsIn addition, they offer a gorgeous array of essential oils and absolutes. Please note the following quote from David Wolfe.


“Living Libations has by far the best essential oils in the world. Period. Once you try Nadine’s essential oils, it’s over with, you’ll never try anything else. The only oils I ever use.”~ David Wolfe, author of Eating for Beauty

Here is what singer-songwriter, actress, Alanis Morissette has to say on the same subject.

“Nadine is a true sense-visionary! She has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all… the greatest collection of rare & special oils.” ~Alanis Morissette

Living Libations is proof that you do not have to choose a European Spa brand to get the finest quality skin care available. Often times you can find the very best in your own back yard.

Living Libations will ship within Canada, United States and overseas as well.

VISIT LIVING LIBATIONS … and remember the ‘Pure Source Chocolate’ for the chocolate lover in your life … even if (or especially if) that person is you. 🙂

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“Did you know that chocolate is not only high in antioxidants,researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that it can protect the brain after a stroke by shielding the nerve cells from further damage. Dark chocolate has also been found to improve memory. The purest source of raw chocolate that you can find is leagues better for your overall health!”

Pure Source Raw Chocolate


Natural Pure Body Care Leaf Vine


Natural Pure Body Care Leaf Vine

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