Natural and Organic Body Care For Men

//Natural and Organic Body Care For Men

Natural and Organic Body Care For Men

Men Being Neglected? Are you a man who has noticed that there are too few natural, pure, and/or organic skin and hair products available to you? Feeling overlooked? Not feeling the love? Well, that’s not alright.

Are you a friend, girlfriend, sister, aunt, mom or wife of a great guy? “The great guy in your life deserves some mampering!” (Click to Tweet) Men deserve so much more than face cleansing with a shriveled, cracked bar of soap that looks like it was forgotten in the desert sand for 6 months. And, they definitely want to say adios to the unpleasantness of scraping off 10 layers of facial skin with that dull disposable razor, before that (manly?) splash of alcohol laced with artificial colour on their now tender scraped raw cheeks. The madness must stop!

Here is the good news. Men, you have more choices than ever before, when it comes to natural, pure and organic products for your faces, bodies and hair. And, I say it’s about time. Why should the gents be left out in the wasteland of chemical laden personal care products, when it is absolutely clear that they are asking for and deserve better, healthier choices. They don’t want to look like this:


Poor Chewwie!

(No offense Chewwie.)

On the other hand, this is how good the big ‘5 Oh My!’ can look, if a fella takes care of his skin and hair:

Brad Pitt Looking Great at 50

Looking Great at 50

Here is the other piece of really good news. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a Bradillionaire, to be able to access these healthy and natural products.

We are showcasing some of the best grooming products for men, that exist today, right here and now and also in future articles; products that are healthy, organic plant and fruit based, and free of the harmful chemicals that are so pervasive in most other products. You want to look good and be healthy starting right now.

To heal, protect and revitalize your skin, a great place to start is the Maverick Men lineup from Living Libations.  All of the ingredients in Living Libations products are 100% organic and/or wildcrafted.  This alone is a remarkable factor.  The products from Living Libations are 100% free of any synthetic chemicals, they smell great and they work.  The impressive lineup includes shave cream, deodorant, cologne, cleansers, moisturizers, tonics for mature skin and for skin, which sees a lot of outdoor life, and more.  Living Libations is a preeminent brand with extraordinary products, for which I have great respect and enthusiasm.  Check out the goods that Maverick Men have been waiting for right here.

For handy ready-made kits, you can check out the Juice Beauty line up for men.  Each of the products produced by Juice Beauty carries either the USDA Organic Seal or the COPA Seal, which signifies compliance with the California Organic Products Act.  Juice Beauty uses a vitamin and antioxidant rich organic juice base for their products to help provide added nourishment for skin.

Below you can see a complete kit of skin care products for men.  This kit makes a healthy, and thoughtful gift.  One that you can give to yourself or put on your ‘list’.  🙂  Each of the products can also be purchased individually as well.  This is a high quality line of personal care products from a company that is genuine about their commitment to our planet and to people’s health.

Another alternative is RSVP Skin Care for Men.  RSVP products are dermatologist tested and formulated for men’s skin.  These products are free of parabens, phthalates, DEA, sulphates and dyes.  They are gluten free and cruelty free (not tested on animals).

In addition to sourcing organic ingredients for their products, they offer some other nice perks.  For example, they offer an outstanding savings on their ‘Daily Deal’.  Their bestselling organic skin care gift sets and men’s grooming kits are now available with FREE travel bags, and they offer an online chat service.  The online chat service is ideal if a man is not sure which product he wants to use and also for men who may have specific skin issues that they want advice for.  They also offer a referral program for satisfied customers who will receive a 25% store credit for referring a friend to try RSVP.

Gentlemen, I am happy to report that you now have some excellent choices in skin and personal care products that are clearly better for your health.  It is now easier for you to tread more gently upon the earth and look great while you’re doing it!


Natural and Organic Body Care for Men use Juice Beauty

Organic Skin Care for Men RSVP Skin Care

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