Shock! Plastic Polymer in some Vitamins-10 Ingredients to Avoid

//Shock! Plastic Polymer in some Vitamins-10 Ingredients to Avoid

Shock! Plastic Polymer in some Vitamins-10 Ingredients to Avoid

What is in these vitamins

What are in your vitamins???

The Best Vitamins Do Not Contain The Ingredients That You See In The Table Below

The use of unhealthy, harmful ingredients in consumer products like foods and vitamins is completely legal; however, it is also irresponsible, unethical and completely unnecessary.

Some of what you see in the table below may be surprising, even upsetting.  There are all kinds of justifications given by companies who use these types of ingredients.  I will address these justifications (which are often very misleading) in future articles.  This article is one of many which I will be offering my readers on the subject of vitamins.

The ingredients in the table below are some of the common ingredients that you will find in some well-known brand name vitamin products commonly found in grocery stores, drug stores and even in some brands carried in some health food stores.  These are ingredients which you can immediately begin to avoid as there are so many high quality alternatives available to you.

Choose the Best Vitamins by Knowing Which Ingredients to Avoid

NameReason Used In SupplementsSome Health Concerns*
Sodium BenzoatePreservativeIf combined with ascorbic acid it produces benzene (benzene is carcinogenic)**
TalcFillerCarcinogen when inhaled, unknown effects from ingestion
Flavours or Natural Flavours (MSG)Flavour EnhancerExcitotoxin - causes cell damage
PalmitateSynthetic Vitamin AOrgan system toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity
Artificial Colours and DyesAppearance Carcinogenicity, ADHD, behavioral problems and hyperactivity in children etc
Maltodextrin and High Fructose Corn SyrupHighly Refined Sugars - TasteCorn derived - so it is very likely to be GMO
ParabensPreservatives in liquid supplementsEndocrine disruptor, bio accumulative concerns, found in high concentrations in breast cancer tumors
TartrazineYellow #5 or E102Possible links to allergies, asthma, cancer, hyperactivity, fatigue, migraines, anxiety
Titanium DioxideWhitening AgentPossible Carcinogen esp. in powdered form – International Agency for Research on Cancer. Limited data on effects from ingestion
EthylcelluloseSee the following quote from the Dow Chemical Company

“In pharmaceuticals they (ethylcellulose) mask the taste of bitter actives, enhance the strength and appearance of tablets and capsules, and enable controlled release formulations. Ethylcellulose (EC) products are versatile, organosoluble, thermoplastic polymers.”Graphic of large red exclamation mark beside shadow of question mark


I am going to step out on a sturdy limb here and say that it is unlikely that  human beings were ever intended to, or are now, biologically prepared to ingest thermoplastic polymers! Do these companies really expect us to believe, that ingredients like those in the above table, are necessary in vitamins?   Large red question mark So why do some companies use these types of ingredients and other companies do not use them? I will address these questions and more in future articles.

**Please note that Sodium Benzoate is a preservative that is used extremely frequently in all kinds of processed foods.  The same is true of Ascorbic Acid.  Alarmingly these two ingredients can even be found in the same products.  However, even if they are not in the same product, their use is so prevalent in processed foods that combining them in the body through ingestion is very likely, especially for people whose diets are high in processed foods.

*The health concerns that I have noted for each substance are limited to those for which there exists a body of scientific and or medical research data.

The information provided within this site is for informational purposes only; and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician or other healthcare professional

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