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Welcome to the Shopping Page!

We have created a convenient shopping area to help you find the products that you are interested in simply and quickly. We have made it easy for you to search by category and then by brand. It is a fast and easy way for you to see who carries what, at a glance. Then you can have fun perusing the sites of our Featured Brand Companies to discover for yourself, exactly why they are truly our first picks! Also, please be sure to check out our Special Offers page as we are able to provide substantial savings exclusive to Natural Pure Body Care visitors!
Natural Organic Hair Care

Hair Care Products

Buy Shampoo, Conditioners and Styling Aids for Men, Women and the Whole Family. These 3 companies have our thumbs up in providing top quality products. They all use natural, organic, highly effective ingredients that are free of harmful undesirable ingredients!

Juice-BeautyJuice Beauty

Carina OrganicsCarina Organics

Living-LibationsLiving Libations

Organic Natural Makeup Cosmetics

Beauty Care and Cosmetics

Buy Natural, Organic, Safe Cosmetics & Beauty Products. The Make Up Wake Up Call ~ Did you know that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body? Check out Juice Beauty for their innovative makeup offerings and Living Libations for their healing, regenerating botanical mastery.

Juice Beauty Organic MakeupJuice Beauty

Living-Libations Beauty CareLiving Libations

Organic Handsomeness for Men

Men’s Grooming

The best products for all of your grooming needs! These companies have the quality ingredients & powerful results that you need for shaving, skin care, moisturizing, deodorant, eye nutrients and serums and more. Keeping looking Great without compromising your health!

Juice-Beauty for MenJuice Beauty

Living-Libations for MenLiving Libations

Natural Organic Skin Care

Skin Care

Skin Cleansers, Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers, Anti-aging Serums/Tonics, Scar Healing, Acne Skin Care, Cellulite Reduction, and more! Our chosen Brands provide powerful, economical, effective and luxurious skin care solutions. Some products are specific to women or men and many of these products can be used by the entire family.

Juice-Beauty Organic Skin CareJuice Beauty

Carina Organics Skin CareCarina Organics

Living-LibationsLiving Libations

Healthy Whole Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements

Multi Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, Omega 3’s – all free of GMO’s, Supplements to extend your youthful vigour or to upgrade your athletic performance and recovery. An elite supplement to elevate and protect the longevity of your brain function. Colostrum supplements for immune strengthening and healing of intestinal dysfunction. You can get it all right here from these premier Brands!

Sovereign-LaboratoriesSovereign Labs

Youth Formula - Your Ultimate Longevity SolutionSomaLife Youth Formula

SomaLife IQ150 Brain HealthSomaLife IQ150

SomaLife ProVit for LongevitySomaLife ProVit

SomaLife gHP SportSomaLife gHP Sport

Organic natural Products for Children and babies

Children and Baby Products

Organic skin care and hair care for little ones because we naturally want to protect and give them the healthiest possible products. Let the children in your life benefit from the knowledge and experience that you have gained about natural, chemical-free body care products.

Juice-Beauty Organics for ChildrenJuice Beauty

Carina Organics for BabiesCarina Organics

Living-Libations for ChildrenLiving Libations

Natural Dental Oral Care

Natural Dental & Oral Care

The next evolution of self dental care – available to you Now. For the cleanest, healthiest teeth, the healthiest gums and the freshest breath, the products from this Brand are unequalled! The use of their Ionic Toothbrush in combination with their dental oil, pastes, and powders will de-plaque, whiten and brighten your teeth! Once you try the Successful Self Dentistry Kit, you won’t go back! This self dental care system is in a class of its own!

Living-LibationsLiving Libations

Natural Organic Body Care

Natural Deodorant

Choose your preference, natural mineral salt based deodorants from Carina or the wide variety of botanical based deodorants from Living Libations. In either case you can be confident in the affordable, healthy and effective results. In the case of the Living Libations deodorants a very small amount goes a long way – one pass with the roller and you are good to go – no need to cover the entire underarm. You receive healthy and powerful underarm odour protection, all day long from Carina Organics and Living Libations.

Carina Organics DeodorantCarina Organics

Living-LibationsLiving Libations

Dynamic Anti-Aging

Dynamic Aging

Grow in wisdom while maintaining youthful energy, vigour and appearance. Help your body including your muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, endocrine, respiratory and skeletal systems function optimally. Whether you want to approach youthful longevity with internal supplements and/or externally, with topically applied skin nutrition, these Brands have what your body needs!

Sovereign-LaboratoriesSovereign Labs

Juice-BeautyJuice Beauty

Living-LibationsLiving Libations

Youth Formula - Your Ultimate Longevity SolutionSomaLife Youth Formula

SomaLife IQ150 Brain HealthSomaLife IQ150

SomaLife ProVit for LongevitySomaLife ProVit

SomaLife gHP SportSomaLife gHP Sport

Natural Pure Perfumes and Colognes

Perfumes and Colognes

There is something gratifying about applying a pleasing scent as you begin your day or ready yourself for an evening out. It is a ‘feelgood’ part of our daily rituals. The scents that you wear should help promote your good health and be a pleasure to those around you. A naturally derived PURE botanical blend can do just that. The botanical perfumes and colognes from Living Libations are the epitome of Purity. They are scented liquid treasures that harmonize and elevate daily life.

Living-LibationsLiving Libations


Water Purification System

For the absolute best performing and affordable gravity fed home water purification system on the market today – it’s Berkey ‘hands down’. Used in thousands of homes, cottages, camps and during natural disasters; people and organizations have chosen Berkey because they are the best. Berkey has also adapted their superior technology for people on the ‘go’ – for world travellers, campers, hikers, and urbanites who hit the road in the morning with their briefcase, gym bag and water bottle. For thousands of people just like you, it’s Berkey, in the home and on the ‘go’.

Berkey Water SystemsBerkey Systems

Natural Organic Pet Care

Natural Pet Care

Do you provide a ‘forever home’ for four legged family members? Do you raise prize horses, working dogs or blue ribbon cats? In any case, you want the precious animals in your care to maintain youthful mobility, energy and vitality. SomaPet is 100% natural and will strengthen your animals bone and collagen, improve their immunity and help improve their ability to heal themselves. They love the taste of this dietary supplement and that helps too! To help your animals enjoy their active adult years, give them SomaPet.

SomaPet- For the life of your petSomaPet Formula

Pure Source Raw Chocolate

Pure Source Raw Chocolate

Pure Source, meaning ethically harvested, organic, forest shade grown, (not from clear cut forests) and fair trade. Raw Chocolate, meaning not processed with heat (roasting), therefore, all nutrients intact. These are premium chocolate bars for raw food enthusiasts and chocolate connoisseurs. They are packed full of the best raw chocolate plus medicinal seeds, roots and berries. Oh, and they are DELICIOUS! These are a high energy, high protein dietary supplement. One or two small bites and it’s a chocolate ‘happy day’! Treat yourself today!

Living-LibationsLiving Libations

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