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It is at the heart of the SomaLife philosophy and mission that we should enjoy our lives to the fullest and maintain a healthy energetic joy for living through all life stages; and that people should not be taken from their lives prematurely because of completely preventable causes. The foundation stone of SomaLife is Dr. Philip A. White MD who was educated at Cambridge and Harvard. It is Dr. White’s expertise, experience and research, which forms the basis for the superior formulations of the SomaLife nutraceuticals. The goal was to create nutraceutical dietary supplements whose purpose is to help people stay healthy and vibrant through the challenges of this modern age that we live in.

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SomaLife is a nutraceutical company specializing in 100% natural dietary supplements for age management, athletic performance, and brain health. Significantly, all SomaLife products are proprietary formulations, which have been developed by a team of scientists, headed by Dr. Philip A. White MD., who is a scholar of both Cambridge and Harvard. Dr. White is also the author of, DOCTORS’ SECRETS: The Miracle of Antioxidants and coauthor (with D. McLeod M.D. and W.M Heatherington) of DOCTOR’S SECRETS: The Road to Longevity.

Unique Patented Natural Supplements

Remarkably, the flagship product that started it all in 1998, SomaLife Youth Formula, is so unique and effective that SomaLife has been granted international patents to protect it from imitation. The same is true of their athletic performance supplement gHP Sport. The product, gHP Sport also holds a very important distinction; it is the only product of its kind to be NSF “Certified for Sport” allowing for its use by professional athletes!

Natural Supplement Certified for Sport

gHP Sport - The Evolution of PerformanceAchieving this important designation called for a significant investment of resources including years, energy and effort. SomaLife knew that they had a great product and they knew that professional athletes, amateurs and recreational fitness buffs deserved the benefits of gHP Sport. Therefore, they were motivated to meet all of the conditions required of them by NSF Sport and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

Since they were successful in their endeavour, athletes the world over, professional and otherwise, are now able to reap the many benefits of this state of the art athletic supplement. Benefits such as, improved energy, endurance, muscle mass, more restful sleep and shorter post competition recovery times. Whether you are a professional athlete at the apex of your game, an active, ‘senior class’ athlete or a recreational fitness buff of any adult age, gHP Sport can make a tremendous difference in your athletic performance and increase your enjoyment of your sporting activities.

Natural Supplement Slows Down ‘Aging’

Youth Formula - Your Ultimate Longevity SolutionPreviously I had made mention of the SomaLife flagship Product, Youth Formula, which is addressed to the needs of what SomaLife refers to as age management and what Natural Pure Body Care refers to as Dynamic Aging. People enjoying the many benefits of Youth Formula will experience deeper more restful sleep, improved skin tone, which may also mean fewer and less noticeable wrinkles, better energy levels, healthier, shinier and stronger hair and nails. Some people experience a small healthy weight loss. This, all natural supplement uses crystalline amino acids to aid in cellular repair. Healthy cells mean a healthy body. Youth Formula is proven, to slow the signs of aging and enable people to live a more lively and active life.

Natural Nutritional Support for Your Brain

IQ150- For the evolution of your mindIn a previous article entitled Feed Your Brain, I wrote on the benefits and effectiveness of SomaLife’s IQ150. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I have found it to be so helpful, when learning new, unfamiliar information and tasks and even when just feeling a bit unfocussed. I am a firm believer that we must give support and nutrition to our brain just as we do for our other organs and body systems. It is especially important as we are advancing to meet the challenges of our increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

Meet Your Nutritional Needs and Stop the Free Radical Cell Damage that Leads To Body Breakdown

10% off from!SomaVit Plus (vitamin and mineral), Omega 3, and Super X Antioxidant with Coenzyme Q10, round out SomaLife’s impressive range of products very effectively. This mighty trio can be had at a very notable savings by simply ordering the ProVit Xcell which combines the SomaVit Plus, the Super X and the Omega 3 in a combination package special that garners a savings of thirty dollars. ProVit Xcell is organic and free of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

SomaLife Stays On Point

One of the many things that I have long admired about SomaLife is that they have maintained a steadfast grip on what their mission is and on who they are, as a company. Rather than developing a dizzying array of products, to rival the daily parade of new and fabulous today, gone and forgotten by tomorrow, health fads that you see touted on daytime TV. SomaLife is clearly focused on their areas of expertise.

Extraordinary Savings On Product Collections

SomaLLife Product Collections for SavingsThey have synergistically formulated their product line to compliment and work together for optimal health benefits, and they correspondingly offer fantastic savings to their clients on five different product collections. These promotional collections allow SomaLife customers to take advantage of these synergistic benefits. They simply choose their desired combination of products and enjoy greatly reduced cost. The savings are very substantial. In this way, SomaLife has met the challenge of producing superb quality nutraceutical supplements, while ensuring that they remain affordable. SomaLife has always believed that access to an optimally healthful life is everyone’s right. Great deals on bundled health and wellness products from

Age Management For Your Pets

SomaPet- For the life of your petFinally, the SomaLife founders, being animal lovers themselves, naturally wanted their pets to have long healthy lives too. SomaPet is an all-natural dietary supplement for animals (mammals). It does not matter if you have cats, dogs, horses or prize winning bulls. SomaPet is a natural amino acid preparation that is formulated to help strengthen bones and collagen. It is also helpful for healing, the immune system and more. SomaPet gives us the means to help our animals continue to enjoy an active life even as they are aging. Just sprinkle some on their food, or mix it in, either way—they love the taste.

In a virtual sea of health supplements and anchorless companies,

SomaLife Shines ... They do what they do, so that ... You Can Shine Too

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SomaLife Youth Formula and gHP Sport are dietary supplements for adults. The information provided within this site is for informational purposes only; and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician or other healthcare professional.


  1. Jaime Mattae February 19, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Hi Ann, Thank you for sharing your experience of the SomaLife supplement products with the Natural Pure Body Care community. We have happily experienced the same benefits with regard to energy and sleep and in combination with exercise we have even experienced a healthy gradual weight loss and noticeable increase in muscle tone. Thanks Again for your feedback and have a fabulous day!

  2. Ann February 16, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    I appreciate that you support the SomaLife products. As a user of Youth Formula for over a year now, I can say that my energy level was immediately improved and has maintained an enhanced level for the entire duration of my use. However, my absolute favorite benefit is what I call the “Soma coma.” I sleep better than I have in years. I fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply and without waking for restroom breaks, and wake well rested. It’s been a real life saver for me!

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