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Easy Natural Skin Care Tips

Simple Tips For Naturally Healthier Skin Avoid plastic shower poufs, sponges, and loofahs (unless you sanitize them regularly) as they tend to be breeding grounds for bacteria growth. Do not use anti-bacterial soaps, which contain triclosan or triclocarbon. Invest in [...]

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Deodorant Ingredients – The Proof Is In The Pits

Why Choose a Natural Deodorant Free of Synthetic Chemicals? There is an average of 8-9 chemical ingredients on the labels of common brand name deodorants, per product.  (Some products have more, a few have less.)  This number does not include [...]

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Harmful Ingredients in Beauty, Cleaning and Personal Care Products

  ...Putting Canadians At Risk Toxic household products - a few examples Chemical Overload From Soaps, Makeup And More Governments are entrusted with the task of determining if chemical ingredients are safe to use in consumer products and [...]

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