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Hello and Welcome,

We know that the products that we use on our skin and hair are every bit as important to our health, as the foods that we eat.

That is why we believe in using organic personal care products, such as organic soap, shampoo, skin creams, cosmetics, perfumes/colognes, and dietary supplements that are free of hazardous chemicals and genetically modified organisms.

We know that we can improve our health and live more gently upon the Earth by making some new choices.

Natural Pure Body Care is an online natural living magazine devoted to exploring topics relating to organic personal care products, eliminating unhealthy chemicals from our daily use products and how these issues relate to a healthier planet for future generations.

We regularly publish great articles that are revealing, informative and enlightening.

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Secondly, we research the best organic alternatives for your everyday personal care products and then provide you with easy access through our onsite links, to those carefully selected products.  The products are much healthier choices for individuals, families, pets and our planet. For example, organic soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, deodorants, perfumes/colognes, cosmetics and dietary supplements that are FREE OF: parabens, pesticides, phthalates, GMO’s, dyes, PEG’s, TEA, sulfates, silicones, ‘fragrance’ and other illness causing chemicals.

We believe in consumers rights. We believe in people helping people. We believe in organic farming and organic products. We believe that consumers have a right to be able to access food and personal care products, which have not been tainted by genetic modification or genetic engineering. We say “No” to GMO’s.  We also believe that so-called ‘byproducts’ of industries such as the petroleum industry have no place in foods or personal care products.  These ‘byproducts’, should be more accurately named as ‘Waste Products’ from other industrial processes’.

Many of the most common and widely advertised personal care products contain harsh chemical ingredients including petroleum by-products that are harmful to human health, and to the water, soil and air quality of our planet and all life upon it. (Fortunately, we have found excellent alternatives to those!)

There are also companies who ‘market’ products as pure, natural and healthy, but which upon closer evaluation may not live up to all the marketing. Therefore, information and education are the tools that we offer through articles and reviews published here, that will enable our visitors to see through the misleading marketing, and hype.

We will also make available, links to products that we have used, tested and/or (thoroughly) researched. When we find products that are of high quality with pure, clean ingredients, we will happily let you, our visitors know about them. While paper based magazines sell ad space, in our case, Natural Pure Body Care may receive small commissions from the Brands who we support, as a result of sales that commence from links that originate from our site. We welcome this recompense as it allows us to continue doing the work that we love to do. We are grateful for your support.


My name is Jaime and I am a co-creator of this site, a writer, and a long-standing advocate of natural health care and natural health maintenance. I am very passionate about the subjects of natural health care, nutrition (great food), and healthy natural and organic products both for internal and external use. People deserve nothing less.

These topics and the use of natural, organic and pure products are a part of my everyday life, and I am continually seeking to expand my knowledge on these and related topics. I will share this knowledge with the visitors to Natural Pure Body Care in the certainty that we will all be better off for it. I believe that it is only with education and access to high quality healthy products, that we can make better choices for our improved health and longevity.

Dori-profile-picThe co-creator of Natural Pure Body Care is artist, chef and hobby photographer, Dori, a co-writer, who brings loads of technical know-how, enthusiasm and creative expertise. Dori is also a long-standing advocate of natural health care after facing multiple food allergies and experiencing extreme sensitivities to pharmaceutical drugs in her preteens.

She has restored her health through natural health care and through temporary dietary regimens designed to aid the healing process. Dori no longer experiences any food allergies, which, for someone with culinary passions, is vital and as a human being; is clearly liberating!

Through her journey to free herself from these food allergies and sensitivities, Dori became an avid label reader. Her journey has led her to an understanding of the importance of choosing products, that will perpetuate her health and longevity. Dori is known for her passion to share her knowledge and experience with others. She has a fun-filled and delightful approach to life and provides inspiration to many.

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Thanks for visiting Natural Pure Body Care. Feel free to stay awhile and to visit us any time. 

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